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First Steps provides school readiness and healthier conditions for children

On Saturday, March 21st, OCDP hosted Marie Dunnam, the executive director of First Steps of Oconee County. She told us about the many programs that First Steps conducts and the many services that they provide to children and families in Oconee County. 

She shared some of the wonderful success stories of improved school readiness and healthier conditions for growing children. 

But there are also some continuing challenges the agency deals with; mainly funding and early engagement of families that could benefit from the services offered. 

Marie's extensive experience in administration enables her to explain the various structures of boards, agencies, legislative authorizations, and executive appointments. Attendees at Saturday's meeting were impressed and appreciative of the knowledge and experience she brings to our county.  

Barbara Jo Mullis, left, and Rosellen Aleguire chat with Marie Dunnam of First Steps




Come to March 21 monthly breakfast!!


Marie Dunnam, Executive Director of Oconee County First Steps, will speak.

South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness is the state's comprehensive early childhood education initiative. Its goal is to ensure that South Carolina's children are ready for school success. Since its inception in 1999, First Steps has helped hundreds of thousands of young children prepare for school through programs that provide early intervention, strengthen families, improve children's health and well-being, increase the quality of early care and education, and help transition rising kindergarteners into school. Each South Carolina county is home to a First Steps Partnership responsible for meeting local needs and identifying collaborative opportunities to help our state's youngest learners. 

Come learn about this important program for our most vulnerable young citizens.

9:00 am, Saturday, March 21

121N. Townville St., Seneca ... OCDP HQ!

Letter to the Editor: Clinton's email much ado about nothing

In Seneca Journal...


On “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Lindsey Graham boasted that he has never sent an email. Really? In the 21st century, an educated U.S. senator has never sent an email? He said this in a segment where he blasted Hillary Clinton for a “lack of transparency.”

Nothing is less transparent than the snail mail used by Graham! It makes you wonder what he is trying to hide. Snail mail is also much more expensive than email. Why is Graham wasting our taxpayer dollars?

Snail mail is also much slower than email. Does Graham want our government to operate more slowly? In a global economy, snail mail will make us less competitive. Could this be a secret plot to make the U.S. less competitive and give an advantage to other countries?

Graham did not tell us what email he did not send and when did he not send it. We need an inquiry to get to the bottom of this.

You may be thinking that this letter is pointless, even silly. You are correct. It is.

However, this letter is modeled on the conservative attacks on Hillary Clinton’s emails. In my opinion, both these attacks on her and this letter are the same: much ado about nothing.

Carl Fortson


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