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Volunteers Gather to Talk Strategy and Ideas!


Thirty Oconee Democratic volunteers met at our OCDP HQ in Seneca Saturday, Sept. 13 to hear election campaign talks by Paulette Keffas-Chassin, Rosellen Aleguire, and John Hester.  More importantly, they were able to share ideas about canvassing, phone banking and how to reach even more Oconee residents.  We also enjoyed snacks!!  Always snacka!  And great talk with each other.  

For more photos, check the 2014 September Volunteer Event photo album under the Photo Gallery tab.

Local Democrats open new headquarters

 In the Seneca Journal:

SENECA — After inaugurating their new Oconee County Democratic Party headquarters over the weekend, local officials are setting their sights on recruiting new voters heading into the general election in the fall that features a gubernatorial race rematch between GOP incumbent Nikki Haley and State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the Democrats’ standard bearer.

Several dozen party faithful dropped by Saturday to officially open the new headquarters at 121 N. Townville St. in Seneca. Painted blue and white and decorated with balloons, the new location’s windows were brimming with campaign posters and voter registration information.
With just three months left before the general elections Nov. 4, local Democratic Party chair Rosellen Aleguire said the grand opening of the headquarters coincides with the final push to rally voters’ support for the party’s candidates on the ballot in the fall.

“Our state party has hired a lot of people to work with us directly, so we have people coming in from the state to help us organize, do phone banking and get our door-to-door canvassing going,” Aleguire said. “We’ll be doing that every week to get the word out and get our candidates elected.”

In 2010, Haley won the gubernatorial race with 51 percent of the vote to Sheheen’s 47 percent. Sheheen, of Camden, visited Oconee for a fundraising event earlier this year.

Democrats will also rally support for Sen. Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg, who will be trying to unseat Lindsey Graham from the U.S. Senate, Barbara Jo Mullis, a retired Seneca High School teacher trying to topple U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan, and Tom Thompson, who is attempting to become State Superintendent of Education.

Aleguire said the state Democratic Party is sending workers to counties statewide in an effort to strengthen the Democratic position. She said more and more people have become dissatisfied with the direction of the Republican Party.

“They are more likely to start voting for Democrats now, because Democrats have the interest of the people at heart,” Aleguire said.

Letter to the Editor: Did religious freedom win, or corporations?

In Greenville News:

The verdict of the Supreme Court of the United States in what has commonly been re­ferred to as the Hobby Lobby case has been portrayed by some as a victory for religious free­dom but it cannot be, as it in­fringes upon the religious free­dom of the individual who is employed by such corporations. This ruling places the value of the capitalist, those who hold the money, as more than the value of the laborer, those who actually perform work.

When Mitt Romey said, “Cor­porations are people too” he was not making some goofy mis­speak. He was genuinely stating the position of some of the rich who truly think that they should have more civil rights under the law because they have more money.

The number of people who work for a living greatly exceeds the number of those who inheri­ted great wealth but those are the ones who are misleading the public dialogue to their own benefit. The Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that equated money with the freedom of speech was another stepping stone in the path down which these people want to lead our country.

If you noticed that I didn’t mention two topics commonly connected to the Hobby Lobby case (health insurance and birth control) it is because those are emotionally charged topics in­troduced to the conversation to mislead and confuse. Don’t fall for it.

If each individual citizen seeks out the true issues behind the corporate produced head­lines and rhetoric and votes in their own best interests then we have a chance to preserve the government of the people.

Linda Holt, Seneca

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