Democratic poll: Party has a shot in sleepy South Carolina race

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(from The Washington Post)  The Democrat running for Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s vacant South Carolina House seat claims to be putting it into play, with an internal poll showing him 10 points down in an environment where Republicans are less likely to vote.

A poll from Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, completed on May 25 and obtained by The Post, has Democrat Archie Parnell down by 10 points to Ralph Norman, a state legislator making his second run at the rural and suburban seat. That’s a six-point bump for Parnell since March, when he began running TV ads, and it’s closer than the margin in Mulvaney’s last few races or the last presidential elections in South Carolina’s 5th District.

Mulvaney, the first Republican to win the district, won his elections while a Democrat was in the White House. In a Trump-era election, ALGR finds Democrats more interested in voting, twice as likely (5o percent to 26 percent) as Republicans to call the election “very important.” Just 42 percent of the district’s voters back the American Health Care Act, which the pollster described as the bill “to repeal and replace” the current health-care law. Fifty percent of voters opposed it.

Parnell’s campaign hopes that the numbers could do what only happened belatedly in Kansas and Montana — get national Democrats to swoop in with funds. Parnell, a former corporate tax attorney, raised about as much money as Norman and avoided a two-round primary, while Norman triumphed in a bitter runoff that was not called for days. Unlike Montana’s Rob Quist, who ran as a populist but got caught flat-flooted by opposition researchers and some policy questions, Parnell has run as a pragmatist who wants to check the House Republican agenda. Unlike Quist, Parnell has been able to campaign without a Republican tracker filming his moves. Unlike Jon Ossoff, the Georgia Democrat whose runoff also occurs on June 20, Parnell has not been the target of a single negative spot.

And to put it mildly, Parnell is less colorful than Quist, a 6-foot-3 poet and folksinger who performed at a nudist colony and wrote his own campaign anthem. Parnell’s sunshine-y ad campaign has leaned into his dry, deadpan persona; the latest of his web videos riffs on the new season of “House of Cards” by having Parnell intersperse villainous bon mots with actual news from the Trump administration. (The Netflix series’ protagonist, Frank Underwood, represents a fictional version of this district.)

By David Weigel

Register to Vote

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It’s an exciting time of year for the millions of students who are approaching graduation and preparing to begin a new chapter of their lives. 

On top of walking across the stage and honoring their accomplishments in high school, many students will soon be able to enter polling locations across the nation for the very first time.  As they enter this exciting time, make sure the new grads in your life have the tools to effect change as a citizen—with the knowledge and preparedness to elect leaders and support legislation that will continue to move our country forward. 

Congratulate the class of 2017 on their achievements and encourage them to register to vote with our eCard. The League’s eCard directs recipients to where they can easily begin the voter registration process. 

The League stands ready to help newly registered voters become active and engaged in their communities. We continually empower millions of voters with year-round registration opportunities—focusing on those who have just turned 18, as well as those who have recently become citizens, moved homes, changed their name, or need to update their registration for another reason. Help us reach the graduates you know—remind them to register or update their voter registration. 

With your help, we’ll make sure our newest voters have a voice on the issues that are most important to them. Thank you for Making Democracy Work!



Jeanette Senecal 

Senior Director of Elections, League of Women Voters 

May Breakfast Meeting - Very Informative

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OCDP members and friends enjoyed a very informative Breakfast Meeting this morning. We started with a brief update on National, State, and Local issues. Then, Dr. Curtis White told us about plans for the Blue Ridge Community Center to be housed on the old Blue Ridge High School property in Seneca. They have very ambitious plans that will reach out to people in that neighborhood and beyond.

Our next breakfast meeting is Saturday,June 17.  Mark your calendar.


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SATURDAY - MAY 20 - 9 am - Our speaker this month is Dr. Curtis D. White, Sr.,  Chair of the Blue Ridge Community Center (BRCC).  BRCC is a not for profit organization setup to acquire the old Blue Ridge High School.  They plan a community center with events that are specific to the residents of the community and surrounding areas.  The aim is to set up educational opportunities for the area youth such as computer skills, mentoring, reading programs, after school home work centers, and sporting events that may not be available otherwise.  BRCC also hopes to have work and meeting space for other community agencies, including the Sheriff’s office.  Weekend activities could include competitive sporting events to keep the children active and decrease the time spent on vandalism and destruction of our community.  Everything is still in the planning stages, and all suggestions and assistance are welcome. 

Candidate Mary Geren wants your views on healthcare.

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5/18 - YDAC Discussion on Healthcare
Professors Lee Crandall, Clemson University, and Stuart Sprague, AnMed Health, will be discussing the US healthcare system and the various proposals that are being fought over. Mary will be attending the discussion and would love to hear your thoughts on this important topic.

Young Democrats of Anderson, McGee's Scot-Irish Pug, 116 W Orr St, Anderson, SC.  Membership in YDAC is open to Anderson Democrats between the ages of 18 and 39, but all Democrats and Progressives are welcome to attend and join our discussion.

We will socialize and have drinks from 6 to 6:30, with the program starting at 6:30.

Archie Parnell is democrats candidate for U.S. House District 5

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Note from SCDP Chair Trav Robertson:  As the general election campaign in the 5th Congressional District special election begins, I want to thank all three Democratic candidates—Alexis Frank, Les Murphy, and Archie Parnell—for throwing their hats into the ring and for running a positive, issues-focused campaign.  Pursuing elective office requires significant sacrifice, but in this challenging time, we need Democrats throughout South Carolina to follow their example and become candidates for offices up and down the ballot.  
Congratulations to Archie Parnell on becoming the Democratic nominee!  Archie won the most votes of any candidate in either party, reflecting broad support among voters who want a congressman who will fight for people in the 5th District.  Archie is committed to lowering the cost of prescription drugs, cutting taxes for the middle class, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and preventing corporations from hoarding money overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
The choice on June 20 will be clear.  Join us in uniting behind Archie Parnell, and let's put him on the path to victory!
Trav Robertson
Chair, SCDP

Trav Robertson elected SCDP Chair

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Columbia, SC – Trav Robertson has spent his life fighting to elect Democrats and working to build strong party organizations across the country.  He’s run campaigns at every level of American politics.  Robertson is one of the most seasoned and consistently successful political operatives in the Southeast.  The list of folks he’s helped put in office is long – and in South Carolina includes State Treasurer Grady Patterson, Congressman John Spratt, Representative Anton Gunn and Senator Mia McLeod.

“I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for the support the Democrats of South Carolina have shown me,” Robertson said.  “Together, we can build the South Carolina Democratic Party into a force to be reckoned with, capable of strong campaigns, cycle after cycle.  That starts today as we turn our attention to the special elections in the 5th congressional district and other legislative races around the state.  Those candidates, campaigns, and voters deserve our best, and we intend to fight for Democratic values across this state.”

Outgoing SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison said, “Congratulations to Trav on his election.  I am proud of the work we have done over the past four years to rebuild our State Party, and Trav has played an important role.  I look forward to working with him to continue the Party-building process so we can elect Democratic candidates who will enact the Democratic policies our state so desperately needs.”

Harrison has been named Associate Chair and Counselor of the Democratic National Committee, where his responsibilities will include outreach to the Southern Caucus and developing a 50-State strategy and red state initiative.

Lessie Price elected as SCDP 1st Vice Chair

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Columbia, SC – A member of the Aiken City Council for nearly three decades, Lessie Price has served as the Council’s Mayor Pro Tempore and as President of the Municipal Association of South Carolina, representing 270 towns and cities.  She has worked on economic development, workforce training, the arts, health care, education, juvenile justice, eldercare, financial services, and energy and environmental issues.  She works at AECOM (formerly URS) as Manager of Community Relations & Government Affairs.  Lessie is a member of many boards, and is a member of Friendship Baptist Church.

“I am honored to be entrusted with this responsibility,” Price said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do in South Carolina to put Democrats in positions to win. As the first woman elected to a citywide council seat in Aiken, I know a few things about earning votes. I’m excited to put that experience to work for Democrats throughout South Carolina.”

Outgoing SCDP First Vice Chair Kaye Koonce said, “I am pleased to congratulate Lessie on her election as First Vice Chair.  The challenge of rebuilding our State Party requires a dedicated team of officers and staff, and the help and guidance of the First Vice Chair is essential for the success of any Chair.  It has been a great privilege to assist Jaime over the past four years.  I look forward to watching Lessie and the entire SCDP team move our Party forward to elect more Democrats!”

Anthony B. Thompson, Jr., Elected SCDP 2nd Vice Chair

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Columbia, SC –
Anthony B. Thompson, Jr. is a native of Charleston and resides in Columbia within Lexington County.  Anthony serves in several leadership positions within the Democratic Party, including First Vice Chair of Lexington County, Co-Chair of the Disability Caucus, and Co-Chair of the first graduating class of the James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship.  He also serves in other leadership roles in his community and local church. He received his education from Florida A & M University, Florida State University, and Liberty University with the degrees of B.S. in Health Care Management, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling, and Pastoral Counseling respectively.  He is currently completing his doctorate at Liberty University.  Anthony’s professional portfolio ranges from direct care to administrative and director roles.  Anthony currently works at the University of South Carolina as a Clinical Case Manager in Counseling and Psychiatry.
“Reaching, connecting, building, and impacting beyond walls,” Thompson said, “is what transforms a city, a state, and a nation.”

Outgoing Second Vice Chair Melissa Watson said, “Congratulations to Anthony Thompson on his election as Second Vice Chair.  While today I pass the baton in State Party leadership, I remain Chair of the Berkeley County Democratic Party, and I look forward to working with Anthony and our whole new team of State Party officers to continue the fight to turn the Lowcountry from red to blue.”

Help Refugees & Displaced Families

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SC Democrats Care is organizing a household goods and donations drive leading up to our state convention on April 29.  

Refugee families fleeing war need simple, practical help as they work toward become self-sufficient in new homes. By offering a hand-up to these women, men, and children, we uplift our community materially and spiritually. Laundry soap is the most popular request today! We also need toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, sanitary napkins, dishwashing liquid, aluminum foil, light bulbs, and similar consumable items. 

Under the current Presidential Administration there is great distress.  Let's show those who find refuge in our state that Democrats really do care.

Here is the link to donate funds for this effort:

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