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Senator Alexander speaks to OCDP Breakfast

posted Jul 21, 2017, 1:14 PM by Ocdp Web

Thirty members of the Oconee Democratic Party were on hand to welcome Senator Thomas Alexander as the guest speaker at their monthly breakfast meeting on Saturday, July 15. Sen. Alexander addressed a number of recent actions of the State Legislature:  increase in the gas tax and various user fees that will be used to repair our roads and bridges, the efforts to ensure that the State Retirement Fund was strengthened so that present and future state, county and municipal employees who are covered by the plan will be assured protection, and the new driver's licenses that will be required starting in 2018 to meet the federal requirements for a "Real I.D."  

Alexander also spoke at length about health care issues, law enforcement training how to handle mental health issues, and the  impact of the Governor's vetoes of some expenditures, particularly those affecting school busses.

During the wide-ranging discussion that followed, Sen. Alexander fielded a number of questions about the potential impact of Republican proposals for cuts in Medicaid and other social programs. After stressing that the outcome of the federal government legislation is unknown, he indicated that the state was providing support for needy families and children - though the details of that plan were still unclear. He did point out that nearly 1 million of South Carolina's nearly five million population receive some support from Medicaid. Other discussions included drug use, domestic violence, minimum wage legislation, hiring practices in Oconee County, opposition to trade unions, and promoting public/private partnerships.  Sen. Alexander complimented the OCDP on its efforts to support the Family Friends program of United Way of Oconee and other local environmental programs, and he emphasized the importance of working together to find practical solutions to the many challenges that face us.