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Trav Robertson running for Chair SCDP

posted Mar 16, 2017, 6:32 PM by Ocdp Web
My Fellow Democrats,

Earlier this week, during the Pickens and Anderson County Democratic Party meetings, I announced my intention to run for Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party and yesterday morning I made it official. The outpouring of support over the last several days has been both humbling and invigorating.

I'm running because I have spent my life fighting to elect Democrats and working to build strong Party organizations in South Carolina. Having served as a County Party Chair and an Executive Director of a state Party, I know your struggles. More importantly, I have worked on campaigns in every corner of our state.

Our current Party officers and staff have been successful in creating a strong positive image of South Carolina Democrats nationally. Most people don’t realize that Jaime Harrison’s role on the national level has ensured the security of our First in the South Presidential Primary. The Clyburn Fellows are already making an impact - running for office and leading the charge against Republicans across the state

However, the time has come for us to add another layer to rebuilding our Party. We have to change how we frame our message, how we target voters and how we rebuild our State Party.

We must become a customer service oriented Party. This means our State Party leaders work for you. Our efforts should be focused on providing leadership and training to local Party officers, precinct officers and the activists who are the backbone of our Party.

We must focus on creating sustainable County Parties and engaging voters far before October of an election year. The local elections of 2017 and the midterm elections of 2018 demand creative and long lasting solutions.

I know the challenges we face. The lessons I learned serving as the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party and working for Grady Patterson, Mia McLeod, Brent Weaver, Blaine Lotz, Elliott Close, David Adams, Vincent Sheheen in 2010, President Obama, Bill Richardson, and the Chief of the Cherokee Nation have prepared me to turn our Party around.

During the next several weeks, I look forward to talking with each of you about my vision for creating the infrastructure needed to move our Party forward. In the meantime, head over to to follow along!

With Kind Regards,

Trav Robertson