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When does Duncan represent us? September 2, 2016

posted Sep 5, 2016, 5:40 AM by Ocdp Web
(Seneca Journal) Editor:

Rep. Jeff Duncan has “surfaced” — it must be time for another election. So I asked myself, “What has he done for the people of South Carolina since we sent him to Washington?”

Checking, I was able to look up his work history, and since first elected Jan. 5, 2011, he has sponsored 33 bills, but only two have passed the House and only one has become law. In the meantime, we taxpayers have paid him $174,000 a year, plus some very nice benefits. He doesn’t have worry about his healthcare.

He does worry a lot about women’s bodies and their personal rights, though. He sponsored H.R. 492, which would require an ultrasound before an abortion or a $100,000 fine — it’s still in committee.

He worries about gun owners with H.R. 4818. This bill wants to use social media, television and other media to enhance hunting and recreational shooting, including range construction. Ask the people of Pickens County who had bullets shot into their homes from a range near them how they feel about that.

He worries about big oil companies and their offshore oil and gas exploration with H.R. 3895. That bill died in committee.

H.R. 4797 and 493 protect companies that accidentally kill eagles. That did not get out of committee either.

The one bill that made it into law is a no-brainer. H.R. 3783 counters Iran in the western hemisphere by not allowing them to manipulate the global energy markets.

My question is, “How many jobs has he created for South Carolina?” “What has he done about pollution and cleaning up coal ash dumps?” “How has education for our children improved under his watch?” “Does he even notice that our infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes?” “Has he done anything regarding protecting our grid from cyberterrorists?”

Why are we paying this man’s salary? It seems like the NRA and oil and gas companies should be paying him — oh, that’s right, they are. Duke $10,000, Koch $10,000, BASF $10,000, Petroleum Marketers $5,500 this year and many more thousands in PACs. When does this Congressman represent us?

Patty Warner