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Duncan doesn’t represent innocent bystanders

posted Sep 23, 2017, 7:36 AM by Ocdp Web

Posted on September 22, 2017, The Journal, Seneca, SC


I read the recent article in The Journal regarding Congressman Jeff Duncan’s H.R. 367 “Hearing Protection Act.” This bill would make it much easier for people to get silencers for their weapons.

Is it really a “health issue” as Duncan claims, or maybe help for the hunter who can’t hit the side of a barn? We need to give the poor marksman a second or even third shot to kill that deer before it can know where the bullet is coming from.

Or, on the other hand, let’s consider when Congressman Duncan so cavalierly directed James T. Hodgkinson to the baseball practice where he shot four people, including Rep. Steve Scalise. Perhaps more people would have been hit if he were using a silencer. The others had time to duck for cover because they heard the shots.

It seems unseemly that Congressman Duncan is pushing so hard for passage of a silencer bill while Congressman Scalise is still in rehabilitation.

And also, let’s think about Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago, who in January flew from Alaska to Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport and calmly took a gun from his checked luggage in the baggage claim area. He began indiscriminately shooting, killing five people and wounding six. Thirty-seven others suffered injuries while ducking for cover. How many of those would have died because they didn’t hear the shots and were not able to run? Santiago followed TSA procedures in checking his weapon in his luggage. But who is looking out for the rest of us who would like the ability to protect ourselves from crazy people with guns? Not Jeff Duncan. He gets his campaign money from the NRA and is only interested in doing their bidding. He does not represent innocent bystanders.

Jeff Duncan has been on our payroll since Jan. 5, 2011. Can you name one thing that he has done for you?

Cece Parker