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THURSDAY, MAY 20 @ 7 pm via Zoom. Dr. Sonya Ramsey, Professor at UNC Charlotte will speak to us about African American Women's Voting Rights, Historically and Currently. REGISTER FOR ZOOM

Angela Geter to run for Senate

Spartanburg Chair, Angela Geter Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate Race Against Tim Scott.

Joe Cunningham announces as candidate for Governor

Krystle Matthews announces run for Tim Scott's seat.

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Letter to Editor / The Journal / Seneca, SC / 052821
Editor: I am writing in support of Stacy Keelor and Danny Markus’ letter to the editor that appeared in The Journal on Tuesday. Critical thinking in our schools, especially related to diversity and inclusion, matters today more than ever. 2020 has required all of us to make decisions regarding masks, vaccines, health care, race relations, policing and elections. We’ve seen too many examples of where critical thinking didn’t inform our citizens and led to poor health outcomes and division. When we go to the doctor to get treated for a medical condition, part of the process includes sharing the health conditions of our parents and grandparents. Our history matters as we’re working on our health. The same is true for race relations. What happened in Oconee County and the United States in past generations is still affecting us today. I want our children to be taught the history of all of us, to be taught about diversity, to be taught by a diverse set of teachers and coaches and to be taught to evaluate everything critically. Thank you, Alexis Shepard, for bringing these important matters to our attention. Eunice Lehmacher

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